Thursday, 7 October 2010

Welcome to Rants Very Own Blog

Hello Everybody!

Well, when I say everybody, this is probably only going to be seen by my missus and the people I abuse / irritate on twitter, but thank you all the same for popping by. 
And if you know me through twitter, then you might of heard me on a podcast I use to do called The Rant and Dick Show.

Well thats collapsed like a Haiti skyscraper, and out of the rubble, and being rocked gently by Sean Penn, this phoenix of a blog rises.

If I had to sum up this blog as a superhero it wouldn't be a slashing, regenerating fanny like Wolverine or moody and menacing anti-hero Batman, but my name sake Ant Man 

 "What’s his skills!??" I hear you ask.... well, unlike that vast majority of superheroes, Ant Man doesn't need conventional superpowers like super strength or being able to fly.
No, what makes him stand apart from the other chaps......? He can shrink himself down in size, with the aid of his Ant Helmet he can control ants and... and... "talk to" insects.

Great! you can imagine all the superheroes meeting up and swapping stories of how they took down a crime syndicate or stopped a chemical attack on a major city. "So Ant Man, what have you been up to?" Ant Man shuffles on the spot and looks at his shoes "Well, me and a posse of moths infiltrated Dr Dooms layer at ruined the several of his jumpers - Back of the net!"

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