Monday, 11 October 2010

Snake Hunt: Volunteers Wanted

Reports in the papers recently tell of a reappearance of the 100ft Giant Snake first spotted in Borneo.

Now OK, this may look just a tad photoshopped, especially considering that the snake's meant to be around 100ft, and from the size of the trees beside it here, it looks closer to 1000ft. But I'm still willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. 
So, my plan is to put together a crack team to confirm and takeout this creature.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to bring together the standard "Giant (insert creature type here) Team." 
The Team 

As our leader I've got Samuel L Jackson onboard. He'll be the father figure  who probably has had a run-in with the creature years ago and has a score to settle.

A sexy science girl (doesn't really matter what she specialises in, as long as she owns a lab coat and wears glasses - preferably, half way down her nose). She's been working on an anti-giant-snake vaccine which wants to test in the real world.                                          
A weapons specialist, who'll have no regard for nature, doesn't believe that snakes actually exists and is just there for the money, but his redeeming quality will shine through when he falls in love with an Amazonian tribeswomen and decides to live in the trees  
Finally, I have a local tracker, to take over from the Weapons Specialist once he's been eaten by the snake or married the tribeswomen.

I have spaces for 5/6 people, but be warned! I doubt you will last that long, as we need to keep the body count respectable - think of the unnamed characters in the old star trek episodes, especially when landing on new planets.
Special preference will be given to those with stand-out skills like Snake Charming, explosives experience or close hand magic.

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